About the Artist

Richard Pumphrey-Sculptor, Richard PumphreyRichard Pumphrey
Richard Pumphrey has been an art professor for three decades. In 1977, Pumphrey earned his Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from the University of Georgia. He resides in Lynchburg, Virginia, where he teaches design and sculpture classes at Lynchburg College. He received the College’s “Award for Excellence in Scholarship” and distinguished himself as the first faculty member to receive both the “Award for Excellence in Teaching” and the “Award for Excellence in Advising” in the same year.

ELEMENTS OF ART, authored by Richard Pumphrey, is a design text for college students that reflects his insights into the universal principles of two and three-dimensional design. His past commissions vary in media; including stained glass, clay, wood, and steel. Art study led Pumphrey to the Upper-Paleolithic caves of the Dordogne, including Lascaux, Font du Gaume and Rouffignac, in addition to the art and architecture of Roman and Renaissance Italy.

Note: Lynchburg Living magazine, November-December, 2012, contains an artist profile on Richard Pumphrey. The article provides a cross-section of information about the artist and can be accessed by clicking on the NEWS link, at left.