The Art of Richard Pumphrey

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A life-size portrait bust of THOMAS JEFFERSON was dedicated at his retreat home, Poplar Forest. Unveiled in December of 2015, you can read about it at the NEWS link, to your left. Photographs are contained in the articles.

A new portrait bust is now featured on this site at the “D-Day” link, to the left: ROBERT SLAUGHTER, a WWII veteran and inspirational organizer of the National D-Day Memorial.

Two previous commissions, one of GEORGE L. CARTER for East Tennessee State University, and one of BOYD CLAYTOR for Sakina Claytor as a gift to Lynchburg College, can be viewed by connecting to the “Portraits” link, to the left.

Two monumental woodcarving and mixed media pieces—adding to the “Compromised” series—were exhibited in Virginia and Tennessee (See the “woodcarving” link to your left). These newer works, ZEALOTSGLORY I and ZEALOTSGLORY II, again address the theme of atrocities committed against Afghani women by the Taliban. The Artist’s Statement at the bottom of the “woodcarving” link addresses these new pieces and others on that page.

Richard Pumphrey is known for creating many types of sculpture, including portrait busts, woodcarvings, and religious pieces. Each work’s significance is achieved through its design, scale, and use of media. Additionally, Richard Pumphrey is an impassioned designer and author on the subject.

Most of Richard Pumphrey’s sculptures are created by commission. The success of each sculpture results from the close connection established between the client and the sculptor. Strong communication skills and attention to detail on the part of the sculptor ensure the client’s confidence during the entire designing and sculpting phases.

Please click the CONTACT link at the left of this screen to learn how to get in touch with Richard Pumphrey. By doing so, he can begin to help you with your sculpture, design, or other art-related needs. References are available upon request.

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In the News

All of the D-DAY PORTRAITS/National D-Day Memorial navigation link (see the column to the left of this page) are sculpted and now posted on this site. Bronze portrait busts of Clement Attlee, Chiang Kai-shek, Charles deGaulle and—not without controversy—Joseph Stalin have have joined busts of WWII allied leaders Harry Truman, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill at the National D-Day Memorial. However, not all are still on-site. Click the “Read More . . .” link, below, to learn of recent events at the Memorial.

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